Kitchen Pan Fire Video – A Kitchen Oil Fire


3.4 Understand basic safety measures and health


3.4.2 Identify safety measures that can prevent

accidents and injuries

3.6 Understand basic health and medical


3.6.5 Interpret information on the development,

care, and health and safety concerns of




What vocabulary do you already know?


Preview vocabulary:

4)      to catch (on) fire (0:04)

5)      pan

6)      to panic

7)      turn off the source of heat, electric/gas

8)      tap/faucet/

9)      to ring (what do you think it means according to the video?)

10) sink

11) pot

12) explosion

13) an inferno

14) a fire hazard

15) to devastate

16) devastating





Design Home Safety Unit - By room/area, Suggested Best Practices, CASIS